Friday, June 16, 2006

I am still alive

These are some pictures from my Grandad Jacks 80th birthday, we flew to Scotland a couple of years ago. The first one is me,Sam,Mum and Dad. The second is me,cousin Charlotte and Nana.

Thought that I would let you all know thta I am still alive. Started my new job in April and it is going really well - I really enjoy it and think that it is the best thing that I have ever done!!!

I will come on here and blog properly but I have to rush to get ready for work - speak to you all later.



Monday, March 13, 2006


Had a quiet lazy weekend as Wayne is not well and has been signed off work by the doctor till Friday - bless him. Didn't do much of anything on Saturday just chilled out, played Zoo Tycoon on the laptop and watched crap on telly. Sunday we went for a bit of drive, saw a man that had been knocked off his bike, police were there with him and had covered him with the foil blanket and were holding his neck. At least he was wearing a helmet, you see so many of them cycling on the road without helmets on and you just wanna scream at them 'YOU IDIOT!!!'

Then we went to the pub and had a bit of lunch and a couple of drinks with my dad while we watched England get slaughtered by the French at rugby - it was embarassing.

I also stayed at Waynes on Saturday night and got woken up at about quarter to one in the morning got woken up by a screaming baby. Dane (one of Wayne's flat mates) had brought his little girl to stay (she is 1 and a half) and she wasn't happy about somthing, but after about 45mins she decided that sleep was a good idea. And in the morning she looked like a little angel and it was not possible that such a small sweet girl had made that much noise!!!!

That's all for now folks


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Working again today, don't ya just love it!!!

Been really busy last couple of days salons are loving us at the moment. Didn't do very much last night just chilled out and watched some tele, Footballers Wives is on tonight but i have a dilema as it overlaps House which I love. I know that it is not much of a dilema but it is tonight!!!

Not a lot to report at all, nothing exciting ever happens :o(

Speak soon


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well...I am getting over a viral infection which is wonderful, been ill for a few weeks now and finally decided that it was time to go to the doctors on Friday after hacking up my lungs on Thursday when I went bowling, got a couple of strikes which I am pleased about but it was either my illness or the fact that I cannot bowl very well that I kept going down the gutter!!!!!

Very lazy weekend slept through most of it, I couldn't believe how tired I was, I would be sitting there one min watching T.V then the next thing I know 4 hours have past and I have been fast asleep.

Mum and Dad came back on Monday which i was very excited about and Sammie got her new golf yesterday not that I have seen her to look at it, I walked past on my way to my car this morning had a quick glance and it looks very nice.

Not a huge amount of other stuff happening at the moment, Wayne is off work today ill, I gave him the lurgy - or so he says!!! Got all the consultants in work tomorrow and Friday which will be a nice change.

Oh yeah almost forgot on Fridays at work we have what we call Whoopie meetings, in which a department/team hosts them and does an energizer or shares information, then we see score sheets of where we are for the finacial period and then we say what our whoopie of the week was and what the challenge is for next week and on Friday just gone it was our turn to host whoopies so we put together a 'club services work out dvd' it was really funny and a great laugh to put together and everyone got up and joined in which was fantastic.

Okay that's it for now will speak tomorrow - maybe


Thursday, February 23, 2006

At work this week apart from yesterday when I took my sister to the airport so she could fly up to Scotland and meet mum and dad. I get to drive her car while she is away, VW polo. She gets a new VW golf when she gets back which she is very excited about.

not long now till i hand my notice in and start my new job which i am now getting very excited about and a bit nervous, but i guess that is true of any job.

not a great deal to say, going out for some drinks and bowling tonight for a guys leaving do which should be a lot of fun!!!!!


Monday, February 20, 2006

Yes another one

Good Morning and I hope that you are all well today.

I had a lovely weekend - very alchol fueled. Very funny weekend out with the girls, saw a few mates that I havn't seen for a while.

I started writting this yesterday and was so busy at work that i could not finish!!!

Mum, Dad and Sam are all off to Scotland on Sunday morning, they are leaving at 5am and Dad is driving them there. They are visiting family that we have there my dad's mum and dad and brother. Wish I could go but I can't get time off of work otherwise I will owe them loads of time when I leave - gutted.

I must remeber to do my acceptence letter for my new job tonight - very important. And another security questionnaire- all these forms I've never written so much.

I was taking pictures of my sister last night as she has an interview today for slimming world to become a consultant and she has to have before and after photos - had a right laugh with her.

Right getting busy again but I will try to blog again tomorrow.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Hi there I know that it has been a very long time since I blogged and I would like to appologise - no real reason apart from being busy and laziness!!!!

Loads has happened since I last blogged such as Christmas which was lovely got some very nice pressies which I was happy with and it was very nice spending time with the family and having a break from work which is always nice.

Mom made a surprise trip over which was brilliant - I was out having a ciggie at work and I thought to myself ''I know that hair!'' and we spent an afternoon together and had a laugh. went shopping and we were being very silly, which is good because that is how it should be.

mmmm......what else has happened, oh yeah huge news I have a new job working for the police. A nice big payrise and 31 days holiday, paid overtime. oh yeah and a uniform!!!!!! Start on the 3rd April and I cannot wait.I'll be doing shifts which is fine with me and working about 30mins from home which is not too bad.

also got a laughable payrise yesterday, £325 extra per year, first in about 18months. I felt like walking out of the meeting but i thought that I better not rock the boat as i know that I am leaving anyway but what a bloody laugh. takes the p**s.

Got a good weekend planned going round to friends for some drinks and karokee and then on to town for more drinks and definatley shots then back to a mates for more alchol and very drunken singing - board up your windows folks they might start shattering.

that's all for now guys now that I have been reminded of my password and log on name, yes it has been that long that I forgot.

Have a good weekend and speak to you all soon